Fun Ways to Teach Children How to Save Water

Water is a scarce resource, but many children don’t understand the importance of conserving it. This blog post will share five fun ways to teach children about water conservation in their daily lives.

1. Create a chart for your children to see how much water they are using each day. You could do this with a large piece of paper and some colourful markers.

2. Encourage your children to have water conservation contests with their friends. Have them measure how much they are using and which child can use the least amount of water for a certain period (e.g. a week).

3. Give your children daily tasks around saving water in their everyday lives. For example, you might ask them to track how many times they flush the toilet or how many times they brush their teeth.

4. Create a book with pictures for children about environmental stewardship. For example, you can have them look at different animals and how they conserve water, or you could show children what happens to the environment if they continue using a lot of water.

5. Put up signs around the house reminding them to turn off any running taps when not in use.